Mp State Exams

MPPSC Syllabus

MPSC  in three stages:

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

MPPSC Prelims

General Studies-Objective (2 Hours) General Aptitude Test- Objective (2 Hours)200 200

MPPSC Prelims Details Syllabus

General Studies

  • Current Events of National & International Importance.
  • General Science and Environment.
  • Geography. History and Culture of M.P.
  • History of India and Independent India.
  • Indian Polity and Economy.
  • Polity and Economy of M.P.
  • Sports.

Information and Communication Technology.

  • Agricultural Product Technology.
  • Basic Principles of Science.
  • Ecological System.
  • Environment and Biodiversity.
  • Food Processing.
  • General Science and Environment      
  • Health Policy and Programmes.
  • Human Body.
  • Important Indian Scientific Research Institutions and Their achievements, Satellite and Space technology.
  • Nutrition, Food and Nutrient.
  • Pollution, Natural Disasters and Management.
  • Subject  Topics

Constitution Government      

  • Constituent Assembly.
  • Constitutional Amendments.
  • Financial Institutions- Reserve Bank of Indi
  • Fundamental Rights and Duties of the Citizens and Directive Principles of State policy.
  • Government India Act 1919 and 1935.
  • Indian Economy, Industrial Development and Foreign Trade, Import and Export.
  • National Stock Exchange (NSE)
  • Nationalised Banks
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions.
  • Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
  • Supreme Court and Judicial System.
  • Union Executive, President and Parliament.

History of India & Independent India    

  • Contribution of Madhya Pradesh in the freedom movement.
  • Important Literator of Madhya Pradesh and their literature.
  • Important Tribal Personalities of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Independence struggle and the Indian National Movement for Freedom.
  • Integration and Reorganization of India after Independence.
  • Major arts and Sculpture of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Major events and Major dynasties in the history of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Major features, Events and their administrative, Social and Economical Systems of Ancient and Medieval India.
  • Major festivals, Folk music, Folk arts and Folk literature of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Major Tribes and Dialects of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Religious and tourist places of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Social and Religious Reform movements in 19th and 20th century.

Geography of Madhya Pradesh      

  • Agriculture
  • Animal husbandry and Agriculture based industries in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Forest
  • Forest Produce
  • Major Irrigation and Electrical Projects in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Mountains and Mountain ranges of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Natural and Mineral resources of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Rivers
  • The climate of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Transport in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Wildlife

Geography of World     

  • Agriculture
  • Continents/Countries/Oceans/Rivers/Mountains of the world.
  • Conventional and Non-conventional Energy Resources.
  • Economic Geography: Natural and Human resources (Industry, Modes of Transport).
  • Forest, Mineral resources
  • National Parks/ Sanctuaries/Safari.
  • Natural Resources of World.
  • Physical features and Natural regions.
  • Population related Demography (Population growth, Age, Sex ratio, Literacy).
  • Water
  • Wildlife

Current International & National Affairs

  • Important Personalities and Places.
  • Important Sports Institutes, Sports Competitions and Awards of India and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Major Events.

Information & Communication Technology    

  • E-commerce.
  • E-Governance.
  • Electronics, Information and Communication Technology.
  • Internet and Social Networking Sites.
  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.

National and Regional Constitutional / Statutory Bodies

  • Backward class Commission.
  • Child Protection Commission.
  • Comptroller and Auditor General.
  • Election Commission of India.
  • Food preservation Commission etc.
  • Human Rights Commission.
  • Information Commission.
  • Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission.
  • National Green Tribunal.
  • NITI Aayog.
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Commission.
  • State Election Commission.
  • Union Public Service Commission.
  • Vigilance Commission.
  • Women Commission.

General Aptitude Test

  • Basic numeracy.
  • Comprehension.
  • Decision making and problem-solving.
  • General mental ability.
  • Hindi Language Comprehension Skill (Class X level).
  • Interpersonal skills including communication skills.
  • Logical reasoning and analytical ability.


General Studies-I (3 hours) General Studies-II (3 hours) General Studies-III (3 hours) General Studies-IV (3 hours) Hindi (3 Hours) Hindi Essay (2 hours)300 300 300 200 200 100

MPPSC Mains Details Syllabus

General Studies II

  • Constitution, the Political and Administrative Structure of Governance.
  • Education systems
  • Human resource development
  • International Organizations
  • Public Expenditure and Accounts
  • Public Services
  • Security issues: External and Internal.
  • Social & Some important Legislation
  • Social Sector – Health, Education & Empowerment
  • Welfare programs

General Studies III

  • Emerging Technologies
  • Energy
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Indian Economy
  • Reasoning and Data Interpretation
  • Science
  • Technology

General Studies IV

  • Aptitude
  • Case studies
  • Corruption
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Human needs and motivation
  • Philosophers/Thinkers, Social workers/Reformers

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