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The Royal Indian Navy Mutiny happened in the year

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Consider the following statement regarding dowry
1. No Government servant can demand directly or indirectly any dowry
II. A Government servant can give or take Dowry.
Choose the correct option

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Sanchi Stupa, the great stupa at Sanchi is located in the Indian state of

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The Sambalpuri Saree belongs to the Indian State

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Consider the following statements about GRUPI.
I. It is a cashless and contact less instrument for digital payment.
II.It has been developed by National Payments Corporation of Srilanka
Choose the correct option

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The International Olympic Day is celebrated on

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The word 'Secular was incorporated in the preamble to the Indian Constitution by the

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The Articles of the Indian Constitution dealing the Fundamental Rights are

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The Gulf of Mannar biosphere reserve comes 42 the administrative jurisdiction
of Indian under State

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GORUMARA National Park of India is located in the state

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The maximum deposit amount permissible in 1 a financial year in a Sukanya Samriddhi Account is

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Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana, the Scholarship Scheme of Philately by Department of Posts, is to award children in the category of

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Domestic Philatelic Deposit Account system was introduced with effect from

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I Book Now Pay Later' Scheme is available for speed post service for corporate
and contract customers.
II. India Post provides Cash on delivery service of speed post articles for e-
commerce and online sellers.
Choose the correct option

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In India the Speed Post service provides express and time bound delivery of
letters and parcels weighing upto

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Consider the following statements about Direct Post
I. Article posted as Direct Post will bear no Address or Name on the communication
II. A minimum quantity of 1000 pieces can be accepted as Direct Post Choose the correct option

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My Stamp was first introduced in India during the World Philatelic
Exhibition conducted INDIPEX' in the year.

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Postal Life Insurance was introduced in the year.

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The minimum deposit amount required for opening of a Post office Savings
account is

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Consider the following statements about Registered News Papers
I. The Registration Number allotted to a newspaper should be printed on the top
of the front page of the newspaper.
II.It is published in large numbers at intervals of not more than 45 days.
Choose the correct option

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The maximum weight for a postal article to be considered as "Letter' is

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Under Book Now Pay Later' Scheme a bulk customer is anyone who provides in a
calendar month a minimum Speed Post business worth of

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The side on which the address is written on a Post Article is Called

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Consider the following statements about Head Post Office.
I. Head Office is the main office of account for itself.
II. It acts as the office of accounts for all the Sub and Branch Post Offices
within the group.
Choose the correct option.

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Consider the following statements:
I. Post Boxes are available at all Post offices free of Cost
II. Any person who desires to avail the facility of Post box should submit an
application in writing to the Postmaster concerned.
Choose the correct option

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Consider the following statements:
I Usage of PINCODE in address greatly facilitates in prompt delivery of a postal
II. In case of articles entitled for concessional rates of postage, the class
of the article should be clearly noted on the Postal article.
Choose the correct option

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Every Letter, Packet or Parcel has to be stamped with date stamp of at least.

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Consider the following statements:
I. The public business hours of Post offices can be fixed with regard to local
convenience. and arrival and departure timings of the mails.
II. All Branch Post Offices shall be kept open for a maximum period of 2 hours

Choose the correct option

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Kerala Postal Circle consists of

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Consider the following statements:
1. Payment of Postage cannot be effected by means of a proper impression of a
franking machine..
I. Payment of Postage can be effected by means of Postage stamps issued by the
Indian Post Office under the authority of Govt. Of India.
Choose the correct option

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Consider the following statements:
I. Any indecent or obscene printing, painting. photograph, lithograph,
engraving book or card any other indecent or obscene article is considered as
prohibited article for transmission through post
II Explosive or inflammable substances if packed properly can be transmitted
through Post.
Choose the correct option

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Consider the following statements about Electronic Money Order.
I. A money order form with a thumb mark instead of signature will not be
II. The amount for which a single Money Order may be issued must not
exceed Rs.5000/-
Choose the correct option

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The dimensions(Length and Breadth) of a Printed Post Card is

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Any parcel found in a letter box will be treated and charged as

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The Office which deals with Unclaimed Articles, Refused Article, and Articles
with incomplete or undecipherable address is called

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Consider the following statements
I Branch Office bag is used between a Branch Office and Its Account Office.
II. Branch Office bags are due bags.
Choose the correct option.

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Consider the following statements about 'Trip', performed by a set of a Section
travelling from one end of its beat to the other
I. The Trip from Head Quarters of the Set to its out station is called 'In-
II. The Trip of the Set towards its Head Quarters from its out station is called
Out- Trip'
Choose the correct option

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Consider the following statements about Bag 5 Office.
I Every Post Office other than Branch Post Office is identified as Unit Bag Office
II. Each Unit Bag Office has to prepare a daily bag balance report.
Choose the correct option.

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A Post office, Sorting Office or Section which exchanges mail with offices in Foreign Countries is known as

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Consider the following statements:
I. Head Post Offices and Sub Post Offices provide mail related services as well
as savings bank related services.
11. Branch Post office provides only mail related services.
Choose the correct option

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mail van during its journey travels 30 40 minutes with a speed of 40 Kmph, another one hour at a speed of 50 kmph and another 2 hours at a speed of 70 kmph. Calculate the average speed of the mail van?

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Sindhu can type 540 words in half an hour. 39 Calculate the number of words
which she can type in 45 minutes with the same typing speed.

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Harish can finish a work in 3 days while 37 Santhosh can finish the same work in 2 days. Both of them finish the work together and get Rs.150 in total. What is the share of Harish?

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A shop has an average number of 510 visitors 38 on Sundays and 240 visitors on other days. Calculate the average number of visitors per day in a month at the shop. (Assume that a month has 30 days with 4 Sundays)

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A textile owner sells 125 meters of cloth for 35 Rs. 12500 at a profit of Rs. 25 per meter of cloth. What is the cost price of one meter of cloth?

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Dinesh has Rs. 70- The interest rate is compounded. How in his savings account. 10% per year and is not much interest will he earn. in 3 years?

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The graduating class at a college was 320 33 students in the year 2019. Whereas in the year 2021 the strength of graduating class is 592 students. What is the percentage of increase in the size of the graduating class.

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