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What is the Maximum weight of M Bag  under International Mail products


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The manufacture and use of postage stamps for any purpose whatsoever is   prohibited, and is an offence punishable  under Section....... Of the Indian penal Code.


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The term M-42 Transit Sections and M - 43 for Mail Offices is used....


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The weight of Aerogramme should not exceed 


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Memorandum of distribution of work (MS-11) is issued by:


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What is the maximum weight limit of letter


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The segment of IT modernization project which provides hardware to mail offices and 

handheld devices to Postmen  Called


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As per Postal Manual Volume VI, an attendance register in which form will be  maintained in every post office having more  than one clerk


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Posting of Bill Mail Service may be posted by a service provider to customers at least once in ....... Days nuder this service.


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If a foreign artic restante' from which charges will be leviedis addressed 'Post day warehousing 


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The minimum and maximum Sum Assured for RPLI in Rupees is

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Letter post articles containing dutiable goods addressed to foreign destination should be accompanied by- 


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Village Sorting List in form of M-52 will be prepared and supplied to each office by 


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The general maximum weight International speed Post (EMS) is:


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What is the maximum weight limit of book packet


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Who is the current minister for ministry of communication and information technology ?

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Custom control for postal articles is primarily exercised in which of the following 


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Premature withdrawal I allowed in Sukanya Samriddhi Account after the girl  attains the age of ........


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In IT Modernisation project, what is NSP stands for 


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HRMSmodule is a part of which of the  of the following


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