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An Aerogramme should not weigh more than 


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Which of the following is not a First Class  Mail 


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Maximum value for which a letter can be  insured in foreign post is 


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Parcel bill is prepared in the form 


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Charges collected by administration of  destination for delivery of foreign parcels is called 

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General Accounting of terminal dues and  transit charges takes place 


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the weight of LC or AO bags must not exceed 


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Preservation Period of work papers of RMS offices and sections is 


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Preservation period of Postmaster's order book is 


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 Nominal roll of clerical staff is maintained in 

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Franking Machine will be set / re-set by an officer of the Department not below the rank 

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Articles liable to export duty are detained  at the outward office of exchange and the sender is informed regarding the payment of duty.


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The annual fee of business reply card should be realized in advance and credited to


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License for Franking machine is issued by 


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 Untouchability is abolished by which article  of Indian Constitution 


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Mail Motor Service came into existence in 


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Maximum weight of book packet


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A letter posted insufficiently prepaid is charged on delivery 


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What is the Maximum weight of M Bag  under International Mail products


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The Head Sorting Assistant is required to submit to the Superintendent through the Record Officer, a daily report in which the irregularities observed by him in which form


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Proof of Delivery charges is INR .........  per article in addition to Speed Post charges 

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