Demo quiz

7 Continents and 5 Oceans TEST-1
 Airports in India TEST-1
 Arjuna Award Winners TEST-1
 Asian Games TEST-1
 Companies Taglines TEST-1
 Core Industries TEST-1
 Famous Books And Authors TEST-1
 Highest Mountains in India TEST-1
 Indian State Animals TEST-1
 Indian State Birds TEST-1
 Indian State Flowers TEST-1
 Languages of the World TEST-1
 Longest Rivers in the World TEST-1
 National Peaks in India TEST-1
 Nuclear Power Stations in India TEST-1
 Prime Ministers of India TEST-1
 Space Centers in India TEST-1
 Sports Term TEST-1
Waterfalls in India TEST-1
Agneepath Scheme TEST-1
Asia Cup Winners TEST-1
Asian Countries TEST-1
Australian Open Winners TEST-1
Awards General Knowledge TEST-1
Bharat Ratna Award Winners TEST-1
Booker Prize Winners TEST-1
ca 2020 TEST-1
Classical Dances of India TEST-1
Coal Industry TEST-1
Coal Mines in India TEST-1
Commonwealth Games Medals TEST-1
Countries and their Parliament List TEST-1
Country Names and Capitals TEST-1
DadaSaheb Phalke Award Winners TEST-1
Dams in India TEST-1
European Countries TEST-1
Famous Temples In India TEST-1
FIFA World Cup Winners TEST-1
Folk Dances in India TEST-1
Forests of India TEST-1
Freedom Fighters of India TEST-1
French Open Winners TEST-1
Fundamental Duties of the Indian Constitution TEST-1
G20 Countries TEST-1
Indian Garden TEST-1
Highest Waterfalls in India TEST-1
Highest Waterfalls in the World TEST-1
Important Food Festivals Around The World TEST-1
Indian Constitution TEST-1
Indian Nobel Prize Winners TEST-1
Indian Oscar Winners TEST-1
Indian States and Capitals TEST-1
IPL Winners TEST-1
Lakes In The World TEST-1
Largest & Smallest States in India TEST-1
Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha TEST-1
Longest Rivers in the World TEST-1
Members of Lok Sabha TEST-1
Members of Parliament TEST-1
Members of Rajya Sabha TEST-1
National Animal of India TEST-1
National Parks in India TEST-1
National Symbols of India TEST-1
National Tree of India TEST-1
National/Official Languages in India TEST-1
Neighbouring Countries of India TEST-1
Nicknames of Indian Cities TEST-1
Nobel Prize Winners TEST-1
ODI World Cup Winners TEST-1
Organizations & Headquarters TEST-1
River Side Cities In India TEST-1
Schedules of Indian Constitution TEST-1
Sports Cups and Trophies TEST-1
Sports General Knowledge TEST-1
T20 World Cup Winners TEST-1
Tennis Grand Slam Winners TEST-1
Tiger Reserves in India TEST-1
Top 10 Longest Bridges in India TEST-1
Top 10 Longest Highways in India TEST-1
Top 10 Longest Rivers in India TEST-1
Union Territories of India TEST-1
US Open Winners TEST-1
Volcanoes in the World TEST-1
Wildlife Sanctuaries in India TEST-1
Wimbledon Winners TEST-1
Women Freedom Fighters of India TEST-1
Women’s T20 World Cup Winners TEST-1
World Largest Libraries TEST-1

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