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PA BH 2021

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Untouchability is abolished by which article of Indian Constitution

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Registered Parcel posted SO should not exceed

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Who is Chairman of the postal service board

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Maximum remittance allowed in VPP article is.

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UT of Chandigarh falls under jurisdiction of

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Maximum weight of Pattern and Sample packet is

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Maximum remittance allowed in VPP article is.

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Maximum weight of Pattern and Sample packet is

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Registered letter is delivered

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maximum weight of Inland Letter Card is

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Maximum limit of value of articles to be insured at BO is

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Compensation for International registered parcel booked in India for loss/theft is

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Minimum amount for opening of RD Account is

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Maximum cash remittance which can be received under IFS Money order is

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Minimum amount by which Senior Citizen Saving Account can be opened is

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Railway Mail Service was introduced in the year

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Speed Post Service was started in

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Parcel Directorate was extablished in

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The Headquarters of Asian Pacific Postal

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Business Post service was introduced in the year

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Minimum amount of sum assured in RPLI is

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What is Cecogrammes

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Permission for Business Reply Service issued by

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Asian Pacific Postal Union was established in

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Universal Postal Union was founded in

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27th UPU Congress was held at

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Department has how many Postal Training Centres

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Die Post belongs to

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The first ATM Of the Department is located at

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Primary Data Centre of the Department is located at

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Paper postage was introduced in India in

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Pincode system was started in India in

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What is KYC

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Bulk Bag should not weigh more than

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An Aerogramme should not weigh more than

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Nominal roll of clerical staff is maintained in

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Preservation period of Postmaster's order book is

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Preservation Period of work papers of RMS offices and sections is

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the weight of LC or AO bags must not exceed

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General Accounting of terminal dues and transit charges takes place

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Charges collected by administration of destination for delivery of foreign
parcels is called

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Maximum value for which a letter can be insured in foreign post is

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Which of the following is not a First Class Mail

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A letter posted insufficiently prepaid is charged on delivery

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Maximum weight of book packet

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Mail Motor Service came into existence in

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Indian Standard Time (IST) is based on which line

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The largest state of India in terms of area

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Sikkim became 22nd state of India in the year

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Which schedule of the Indian Constitution defines powers of Union and states

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Who is the winner of the 2021 Australian open Women's titile

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Who is the lieutenant Governor of ladakh

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Kalariyattu is a martial art of which state

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Who is the author of Panch tantra

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